Consultant: Research and Campaigning

imageFor the past fifteen years, I have conducted research and lead campaigns on climate and energy issues. My areas of expertise include:

  • Carbon Markets and Trading
  • Clean Development Mechanism
  • International Climate Negotiations
  • Climate Modeling
  • Carbon Mitigation Strategies- closing the gigatonne gap


Blog Roll

EU Must Ban Large Hydro

My colleague Katy Yan of International Rivers and I wrote a guest commentary for CDM/JI Monitor locksmith outlining why the EU needs to ban the use of carbon credits from large hydro projects in the EU ETS. These projects are unlikely to be additional and often have numerous human rights violations. Click here to read the commentary.


Africa and the CDM: a dead-end


Given the dismal state of carbon markets currently, it is baffling that there is a push to expand them to the African continent; yesterday the Africa Carbon Forum opened in Addis Ababa and next week there is a two day capacity building workshop in Lilongwe (Malawi) entitled Making carbon markets work for the poor.


Furthermore, as the case studies show in the newly released report, The CDM in Africa Cannot Deliver the Money, Africa’s experience with the CDM has been anything but positive. Rather than supporting innovative projects that provide clean energy to those with limited or no access to energy, poor communities are often displaced, exposed to harmful conditions and lose their livelihoods in the name of climate action and sustainable development. Project types highlighted in the report include a landfill, gas capture projects and large hydroelectric dams. Hardly the image that the UNFCCC likes to have the CDM associated with.